A Literary Bestiary Book

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This book is a collection of 13 famous authors, playwrights and poets reinvented as animals with pun-tastic names, featuring Edgar Allan Crow, Louisa May Owlcott, Jane Austhen and friends.

The book provides a summary of each of the famous animal authors lives. It details from their early life in the barnyard, nest or pod all the way through to their death of alcoholism, liver failure or brain tumour and includes a comprehensive abbreviated list of their notable works, all delivered in a blunt and humorous way.

Hardcover book
36 pages
Gold foil and spot gloss cover
Tasha J. Miller is the artist behind Jubly-Umph Originals and the writer and illustrator behind A Literary Bestiary. This book combines her three main loves in life; literature, animals and bad puns.