Lady Mayra Sandy 21 - Grey tartan

Lady Mayra Sandy 21 - Grey tartan

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Size S
bust 32"-34" (81cm-86cm), waist 24"-26" (61cm-68cm), Hips: free

Size M
bust 34"-36" (86cm-91cm), waist 26"-28" (68cm-73cm), hips free

Size L
bust 36"-38" (91cm-96cm), waist 28"-30" (73cm-78cm), hips free

Size XL
bust 38"-40" (96cm-101cm), waist 30"-32" (78cm-83cm), hips free

Size 2XL
bust 40"-43" (101cm-108cm), waist 32"-35" (83cm-90cm), hips free

Size 3XL
bust 43"-45" (108cm-116cm), waist 35"-38" (90cm-98cm), hips free

Size 4XL
bust 45"-48" (116cm-122cm), waist 38"-41" (98cm-104cm), hips free