Testimonials from the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival Pinup Competition.

Testimonials from the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival Pinup Competition.

Testimonials from the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival Pinup Competition.

Winners and Organisers of the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2018.


In preparation for the next Ballarat Beat, We at Lana-Rose want to start the conversation about what Pinup is, What the competition involves and what is in store for the next year! 

Below are some lovely testimonials of past competitors, including why they entered and what their experience was. 


Miss Ballarat Beat - Daisy Peach

"Ballarat beats was my first pinup competition in 2016. I entered as that year I decided I wanted to try new things and I instantly got hooked on the creative process and the wonderful, supportive community in pinup. I re-entered 2018 because I had such a great time the first time around and was enticed by the new Geekabilly section. It's hard to pick a favourite moment, but the highlights were bringing my vision of my 'Going to Hogwarts' routine to the stage and entertaining the audience, hanging with all the wonderful old and new friends I've made, enjoying the festival and watching all the creative and entertaining routines everyone comes up with.
I'll definitely be at Ballarat Beats 2019, though in a new role as a judge and mentor. Hoping to enter a few more comps in the future as well."


Miss Kandy Von Kisses in the Geekabilly Section. 

"Ballarat beat 2018 was my second year running into the competition and this year really pushed my creativity out, I was accepted into the Geekabilly section and I did Poison Ivy DC Bombshell. I had so much fun doing my routine on stage. The guys an gals were so amazing and supportive throughout and I've met even more pinup friends from this experience."



Miss Dixie Emerald in the Glamourbilly Category/Winner of the Nicola-Zoe Fundraiser award. 

"I couldn't have been more thankful for having the opportunity to perform in the Ballarat beat pinup competition. This was my first venture into the competition pinup world and I was welcomed with open hearts and arms. I was lucky enough to be part of the Glamourbilly category, which gave me a chance to showcase true vintage style. The experience was unparalleled and the people I've met and connected with are forever blooming friendships. I'm so grateful to the organizers and their generous donations of their time and skills, without them this wouldn't be the great competition that is. This is an amazing competition that allowed me to break out of my normal self and for that I am incredibly grateful."


Miss Harlow Heels in the Psychobilly Category. 

" I love Ballarat beat. As someone who loves to perform and is a stage addict I just love being able to do my thing and at the same time hang out with an amazing bunch of people."


Miss Velvet Valentine in the Atomic Couples category.

"Thankyou to Ballarat Beat for giving me the amazing opportunities that it has offered me. I entered in 2017 and contended in the Psychobilly category and then competed again this year in Atomic Couples. This competition has introduced me to so many amazing people and I am forever grateful. I encourage everyone to get involved whether it be as a sponsor or as a contender. This is a wonderful experience in such a respectful and supportive environment. I look forward to 2019!"


Miss Katie Kaleidoscope in the Glamourbilly Category. 

" I entered Ballarat Beat 2018 and was accepted into the Glamourbilly section (which I adored as I'm a vintage-loving gal). Ballarat was only the second competition I'd ever entered, so it was fairly nerve wracking at first. My favourite moments were watching so many talented people perform on stage and have their chance to shine along with the fact I've made some incredible friends from Ballarat Beat who will no doubt be my lifelong sisters. Ballarat gave me the confidence to continue in my pin-up/pageantry performance journey. I look forward to entering again in 2019!


The Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition is Organised and run by Lana-Rose Fashion in Ballarat by Local hardworking women and men. For more information about the Shop, the festival or the competition, keep up to date on our Facebook pages. Photographs by Brett Allen Photography: https://www.facebook.com/brettallenphotography/



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