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It's business as usual and be on the lookout for some very special events that we will be creating. Lana-Rose Fashion is a family owned and operated store, Inspired from the first time we tried on rockabilly clothing ourselves in 2010, We loved the style and culture so much, Tracey (Owner and Manager) decided Ballarat needed a vintage inspired store to match the Heritage of the town.
So on the 8th of August 2012, Lana-Rose Fashion was registered for business and opened our first store!
Named after eldest daughter Lana and my youngest daughter Rose. For the last 12 Years we have seen our town and surrounding embrace it's own history and celebrate with Festivals and weekend events all year round, men and women alike dressing in the vintage inspired fashions day to day and our town is really being put on the map for all of this combined!
We are located in the beautiful town of Ballarat, an hour and a half outside of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Best known for its Historical buildings, Gold Rush history and backdrop for many Film/TV Shows. 
Lana-Rose Fashion is the owner and host the Victorian & Australian Pinup Pageant. Held every May for Victoria’s best Heritage Festival! Involving 5 different catergories for Women and Men to enter; Rock-a-billy, Psych-o-billy, Geek-a-billy, Glamour-billy and a Couple-O-Billys. Make sure to follow our event page and social channels.
Cheers MsT
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