Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2019


Introducing the Winners of The Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2019

Overall Winner - Miss Cherry LaBlaze

Category Winners

Rock-a-billy: Miss Kandy Von Kisses; Psycho-billy: Becca BamBam; Glamour-billy: Lucky Dip; Geek-a-billy: Miss Cherry LaBlaze; Couple-o-billys: The Schnapp Sister (Brandy Schnapps & Ginger Schnapps) 

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Welcome to the 2019 Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition.  Entries are Now Closed for the Competition.

Please see our wonderful Semi-Finalists below.

Rock-a-billy Category


From Left to right Top to Bottom:

Bambi LÁmour, Adora Bubble, Hennie LÁmour, Sassy VooDoo Doll, Miss Kandy Von Kisses.

Glamour-billy Category


From Left to right Top to Bottom:

Miss Tamara Hartley, Pearl Del Rey, Miss Katie Kaleidoscope, Lucky Dip, Lady Emerald Emmaline.

Psycho-billy Category


From Left to right Top to Bottom:

Becca BamBam, The Original Rockin' Rob, Miss Rockabilly Rebel, Miss Honey Dew, The Real Dong Draper.

Geek-a-billy Category


From Left to right Top to Bottom:

Miss Patsy Diamond, Miss Sweetheart Rose, Miss Harlow, Miss Cherry LaBlaze, Marina Von Harbour.

Couple-O-Billy's Category


From Left to right Top to Bottom:

Miss Brandy Schnapps & Miss Ginger Schnapps, Footloose Mick & Miss Honey Dew, Miss Kat D'Vyne & Miss Rouge Kitty, Mari von roller and Mavricky 


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Yes it's time to ask! Prize Sponsors are being sought to gift prizes to our magnificent competitors of the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival Pinup Competition. Lana-Rose Fashion hosts & sponsors the whole competition and we like to share the love of all our fellow retailers & wholesalers. For your sponsorship you will have you business logo on our sponsorship board instore at Lana-Rose, your logo on the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition page on the Lana-Rose website, this Facebook page, your business names read out at the competition and all the competitors share your generous businesses on Social Media, plus of course wearing & using your wonderful products. So if you would like to send samples of your goods to be shared amongst the Winners of the Competition please contact us here or email us at
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Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival 2019

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Sassy Kat Presents

 Sassy Kat 2

The Winners of the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2018 held on Saturday the 10th Feb 2018 are:

Overall Winner: Miss Daisy Peach - Geek-a-billy Section

 Miss Daisy Peach   Daisy Peach 2  

Category Winners:

Rock-a-billy: Miss Cherry LaBlaze

Cherry LaBlaze

Psych-o-billy: Miss Cheríe Blossom

Miss Cherie Blossom

Glamour-billy: Miss Bambi L'Amour

 Miss Bambi LÁmour

 Geek-a-billy: Miss Juniper Peach


Atomic Couples: "The Twinups", Miss Pearl Del Ray & Miss Becca BamBam

the twinups

Our Social Media Winner is Miss Lulu Lipstick:

Miss Lulu Lipstick

This year we introduced a special fundraiser.

The Nicola-Zoe Fundraiser, with all proceeds going to “Headspace” (Ballarat Community Health). I am very proud of every one of our competitors as they raised $2790.00. AND thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.
The winner of this amazing raffle to which all competitor donated was Heath Bradshaw from Blowhard, Vic.
This is a message from Janelle at Headspace.
The team at headspace have been overwhelmed by the fundraising amount. We will be utilising the money for the new Empower Girls groups. The amount raised will mean we can run 3 groups helping about 30 young women to remain engaged in their community and able to manage their emotions in a positive way. This will be an amazing outcome for so many young women and their families from what was such a tragic event for Rhonda and her family and friends.  
The highest raffle ticket seller was Miss Dixie Emerald.

Miss Dixie Emerald

Our wonderful Judges:

Judges 2018

Left to Right:

Angel Leggas from 3 Fates Media , Lisa Morgan from Sassy Kat , Catalina McCaw from Atomic Union , Miss Jessi Leigh, 2017 Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition Winner & Sponsor, Miss Kiss Vintage & Deneale Deppler, The Goldfields Girl.  Thank you so much for your time & we know how hard a job it is being on the judges panel. xoxox

Thank you to everyone who supports the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festivals Pinup competition, so please keep up to date by following our Facebook Page (

AND last but not least, our wonderful Administrative team. A BIG THANKYOU to, Miss Lippy Lush, Miss Lana Lunacy, Miss Catalina McCaw & Ms Rhonda Bark-Shannon. 

Cheers & see you next year,

Tracey Spencer.

from Lana-Rose Fashion

Your Host of the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition


AND, the Semi-finalists are!!!


Miss Lulu Lipstick, Rockin' Rob, Miss Cherry LaBlaze, Miss Ginger Schnapps.



Miss Harlow Heels, Miss Patsy Diamond, Miss Quinn, Lady LouLou Bugoo, Cher'ie  Blossom.



Miss Sassy Sam, Miss Katie Kaleidoscope, Poppy Mae, Miss Dixie Emerald, Bambi L'Amour.


Miss Marina Von Harbour (withdrawn), Kandy Von Kisses, Juniper Peach, Miss Daisy Peach, Miss Cleveland Kruze.

Atomic Couples

The Twin Ups, Voluptuous Vixen & Dave D Riviera, Miss Brandy Schnapps & Rev. J Lazlo, Curvey & Giggles, Velvet Valentine & Emilie Foxx.


Good Luck to ALL & come and cheer on your favourite Pinup on Saturday 10th February at 2:00pm. 

Official Photographer of the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2018

And also fantastic Sponsor - Brett Allen Photography



2017 Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival Pinup Competition WINNERS

Miss JessiLeigh

The overall winner of the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2017 is:

Miss Jessie Leigh ❤️

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2017 at the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival. 

AND the winners are:
Miss Classique: Miss Davina Fox
Miss Modern': Miss Candy Von Kisses
Miss Geekabilly: Bambi L'Amour
Miss Psychobilly: Bunni Mae
Miss Ink-spired: Miss Juniper Peach
Mr Ballarat Beat: Bobby Ballistic
Kustom Kulture Couple: Miss Miss Honey Dew & Footloose Mick.

Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2017



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