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Elle Rebel

Celina Knit Cat Suit In Black - Rebel Love

Celina Knit Cat Suit In Black - Rebel Love

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Step into the soulful allure of "The Celina Catsuit," a fabulously chic jumpsuit inspired by the poetic Beatnik style of the 1960s! Made from soft and stretchy knit material in a medium weight, it offers functional comfort for your artistic escapades and bohemian adventures. The special pointed bust seaming (perfect to pair with a bullet bra), folded turtleneck, and sleeveless body exude vintage allure with a touch of rebellious charm, perfect for expressing your artistic spirit. And don't forget the matching wide belt that cinches your waist and completes the perfect vintage look! Whether you're embracing the beatnik lifestyle or dazzling at a coffeehouse gathering, "The Celina Catsuit" is your ticket to timeless elegance vintage flair. Slip into this jumpsuit and unleash your inner '60s beatnik muse, for you are the poetess of your own creative journey! 

Also Available in Leopard

Fabric: Medium Weight Rayon/Elastane knit. high stretch 3-4 in. Jumpsuit runs true to size, but if you want a truly skintight look we recommend to size down.


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